Why People Fail in Gym !


Why people fail in GYM?

We in our daily life see millions of people work out, but only few of them get the true workout success. Most of the people keep on going to the gym, but unfortunately never get the results, so they end up quit working out, and for most of them one of the common excuses is being too busy or of disappointment that “they’re just not seeing results”.

I have listed some of the basic reasons why people fail in Gym/workouts as:

  1. People don’t Have Clear Goals

Most of the people head into the gym with either no thought of what they’re trying to accomplish or vague goals of “losing weight” and “toning up”. They don’t have their fitness goals set to work on them and get the desired results.


Be specific as “What re my fitness goals? And How i am going to achieve It.?” and keep a note of it. If the goal is weight loss or body fat loss, identify how many pounds or the target weight, the time element, and what you’ll do every day to make it happen. If its muscle gain, identify things like desired bicep and chest measurements or one-rep max increases and accordingly plan your fitness goals.

  1. People are missing the Motivation Factor

If you a Fitness goal and you are very serious about it and it means a lot for you, you have to keep yourself motivating all day long for this. If there is no motivation towards your workouts, examine what’s missing. This is one of main factors that people lag in and hence end up leaving what they desired for.


Take stock of why you started working out and make sure the cause matters to you, and especially that you’re doing it for yourself and not because someone else thinks you should. Also, if you feel frustrated or even helpless about your ability to achieve the desired workout outcome, get help from a personal trainer and/or a nutritionist.

  1. Fear of Discomfort

I have heard from many of my friends and people who start going for gym that lifting weights, doing cardio and all makes their body very discomfort. The reason why they keep on complaining about all this is that they fail to agree that success in transforming your body obviously requires some sort of discomfort. Many people fail in their workouts for the simple reason that they can’t overcome discomfort.


As per my understating, discomfort is only a state of mind and nothing else. You need to love your goals more than you dislike the discomfort and work accordingly.

  1. Uncertain About Your Workout

This is also one of the main reasons why people fail in gym, they have uncertainty about what exercise to do and also about how to perform a particular exercise for a particular body part. So they keep on doing it in a wrong way. I have seen a lot of people in my gym going stuff which is completely baseless and doesn’t hit any part of the body properly.


The best and simple solution for it is to get the help of a professional fitness trainer and then learn how to work out. The more you study it, understand it, and practice it, the better you’ll become at it and the faster you’ll improve. This usually results in increased enjoyment too.

  1. Missing the Diet Equation

Whatever your reason for working out, you won’t get there without a proper diet and nutrition. Depending on your goal you’ll need a specific calorie target and the correct mix of lean protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and healthy fats and other nutrients in order to achieve your desired fitness goals.


Again, you need to get in touch with some good Nutritionist who can help you in setting a proper diet plan for you as per your goals that you want to achieve. Also you can study some good books on diet and nutrition, especially related to fitness. Better is to get are a good nutritionist or a good personal trainer that can teach you the right ways to eat and strategies for managing your diet under the stress of everyday life.

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