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FitnessByDaanish is a Health & Fitness Blog platform, where you can find various blogs on Health, Fitness, Lifestyle and much more. Also, you will get to know about lots of information, hacks&tricks to stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This blog is filled with lots of Diet Plans for various Fitness Goals which everyone can utilize as per their requirements in order to maintain a healthy and disciplined life style, eat clean nutritious diet and overcome their health related issues.

You can find all day to day Exercise Plans,Workout Plans and Diet Plans, weight loss programs, weight gain programs and much more to make your body love you in the simplest ways with 100 % results.

We also provide consultations regarding any fitness/health related issues, choosing an appropriate diet plan, health supplements and much more.

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My name is Daanish Zaffar, i hail from Anantnag District of Jammu & Kashmir,  one of the beautiful states of India. By profession, i am an IT guy working in one of the best Global Multinational companies of India and as obvious a Fitness Enthusiast.

I am also a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Diet Consultant. I believe that everyone in this planet can be fit and healthy despite their love for laziness, inconsistency and whatever reasons. As one of my good qualities, i love to help people and always try to transfer my knowledge regarding anything that i know, so that not only me but everyone else gets the knowledge i have, so this blog.

Apart from my fitness passion, i also have a very good hand on Painting & Sketching and will do Photography as well.

You can consult and contact me for any type of consultations regarding health issues, diet plans, workout plans, health supplements and much more via one of the below social sites.

You can also ask me any sort of question regarding fitness, health, diet and workout plans on QUORA. Below is my Quora profile link:


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I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and also Diet/Nutrition Consultant.




Client Transformation @Mudit

Lost 11 Kg in just 4 months. 
Weight Then: – 83 Kg
Weight Now: – 72 Kg

Fitness level Then: – Obese
Fitness level now: – Healthy, no health issues.

 👉 Activity Level was very Low and now an active guy and more stylish and fit

👉 He has increased his Stamina level more than expected with his consistency and dedication for fitness. . . 
Want to get as fit and stylish like him, 

From Fat to Fit !


Client transformation 💪 @ashirinsta

Lost 46 Kg of weight in just 10 months. 
Weight Then: -128 Kg
Weight Now: -82 Kg

Fitness level Then: – High blood pressure
Fitness level now: – Healthy, no BP, no health issues.
👉 Not any miracle or magic, all it needs is full dedication towards your fitness..
👉 He even wasn’t able to walk properly due to his extra weight and now he runs 10k marathon. .
👉 Had diagnosed with health issues like high BP, obesity etc and now he is a fit guy with none of these issues..

True Dedication and guidance is all it takes to achieve your fitness goals..

DM if you also want to loose extra fat/weight and maintain a healthy and stylish lifestyle.

Client Transformation !

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