Are Fast Foods Healthy?

Before finding out, is fast food healthy enough to eat, we should know what are Fast Foods? Fast Foods or rightly called as Junk Foods are the foods that are ready-to-eat. They do not need reheating or any preparation. They are generally sold in restaurants, food stalls or food carts. Fast foods are popular because... Continue Reading →

Is Poha Good For Weight Loss?

Poha also known as flattened rice, is one of the common breakfasts in India. It is prepared by cooking, drying and breaking the rice and then flaking it into very thin strips. Poha is a healthy breakfast because it is very low in Calories containing about 76% Carbohydrates and is also very low in fat... Continue Reading →

Foods That Burn Fat – A List Of The Top 5 Foods That Burn Fat

In order to lose weight/fat, you need to burn more calories than you take in by consuming food and beverage. However, these weight loss foods will help you to burn fat faster . Wrong!!!!!!!! There really are some natural foods that burn fat in a healthy way and they really are more natural than you could... Continue Reading →

4 Foods that everyone should include in their diet regularly … !

Not only with respect to fitness, but maintaining a general healthy lifestyle, one should at least contain few of  the below foods in our plates: 1. Lots of Green Vegetables/Salad & Fruits. Reason: Vegetables provide you with various vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and nutrients. Most of which are low in calories and can help you... Continue Reading →

Foods essential for increasing a Child’s Height?

In order to ensure a healthy height development for a child one should make sure that the child is getting proper amount of nutrients required for height development. Some of the essential nutrients for overall height development are as: Protein: It is the most needed ingredient that functions well with other nutrients to ensure proper... Continue Reading →

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