Chest Workout

Here are some of the basic and highly effective exercises for CHEST Barbell Bench Press: Lie on the bench with your eyes in line with the bar Grab the bar with a medium grip-width (thumbs around the bar or whatever comfortable postion you can keep) Unrack the bar by straightening your arms Lower the bar … Continue reading Chest Workout

How to build “MUSCLES” 💪

How to build Muscles...How to Look Muscular & Healthy.. ! Everyone these days wants to look Fit, Healthy, Muscular. So, the questions like: How to Build Muscles.? How to become muscular.? How to make a good attractive physique  I guess these are the questions that every youth (especially young guys) ask, and try lots of … Continue reading How to build “MUSCLES” 💪

Difference between Yoga & Exercise

The basic difference between yoga and other forms of regular exercises such as running, working out at a gym, etc is that while regular exercise is intended to tone and strengthen the body, yoga’s intention goes well beyond body toning.The main aim of yoga is to yoga reach Samadhi, a higher state of consciousness and … Continue reading Difference between Yoga & Exercise